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Vincent Pitonzo, Owner

I have always been interested in health, even in my youth. I would take supplements and read articles on nutrition, and would try and make good choices on what I was putting in my body. When my kids were little I used to make them fresh juices and was always looking into new health products to add into our daily routine. I never could have imagined that one day My daughter and I would be running a vitamin store together! It is a true blessing to be able to share my passion with the public and to help people take control of their own health. I still am constantly expanding my knowledge on the latest research in the health industry so I can always be up to date with the newest findings. I love learning about holistic topics and love even more sharing that information with the people who shop in our store!


Mariesa Smola, Owner and Service Specialist

This store is my absolute heartbeat. My mission in life even since a young child has always been to help people. When I got introduced to the world of holistic nutrition i realized how much i could reach people on so many levels this way. My goal in this store is not just to help people physically, but to coach them on all levels of body, mind, and spirit in order to bring harmony back into their lives. While taking care of your physical health is incredibly important through diet, supplementation, and exercise, if your emotional and spiritual health are not in good standing your physical health will only go so far. This isn't something that i just encourage my personal clients to practice, but every person who comes into my store. The atmosphere i strive to keep in this place is warm, inviting, and accepting. When you walk through doors of Genesis, I want you to feel like you have already become healthier just by being in the environment we create here.

I have been through many trials at a young age, details I wont get into here, but it has well prepared me for my career in this industry. Helping myself through these situations has properly equip me to help others no matter what age they are. I am beyond blessed and incredibly grateful to have been put on this path in my lifetime. While many people come to me for help, I feel that each individual has made me a better person just by allowing me into their lives and trusting me to help them. Whether you are coming to me for holistic educational services, spiritual counseling, or attending one of my lectures, my goal is to provide you with the best possible guidance and information so you can obtain the results you want to see in your life. 

Thank you for visiting our website, and I hope to see you soon!

Maria Pitonzo, Holistic Stylist and Microblading 

I am a Holistic Hairstylist that started my journey in the beauty industry from a very young age of 17. It starts with the love for nails and that brought me to cosmetology school to learn all aspects of the beauty industry. After graduating from there in 1992, I was called back to teach the first Nail Class for licensing in New York State.  Realizing I was born to be an entrepreneur, from there I opened a nail salon in my hometown of Syracuse, NY where I specialized in all forms of real and artificial nails, hair, facial & body waxing, and also tanning.     After years in the industry and around so many harmful chemicals, I developed health problems and learned of the causes of them directly from ingredients in beauty products that I not only was breathing in for many years, but also entered my body through my skin.  This was a wake up call.  I either had to find another profession or create a way to perform my passion without the chemicals.  For the last 8 years , I have solely specialized in only healthy hair, with also educating clients with a holistic approach of all around health from inside out as to the effects of chemicals on the body as a whole.  I am still able to create beautiful cuts, colors and highlights, as well as keratin smoothing treatments without cancer causing ingredients! I brought my niche of healthy hair to Naples in 2011 to escape the lack of sun and warmth from NY, and have built a loyal following ever since! My love for eyebrow arching over the last 25 years has also led me to also offering eyebrow embroidery/microblading with all natural pigments.  A welcomed addition to my clients with hair loss from thyroid issues, cancer, alopecia, and overall thinning eyebrows that come with the aging and overplucking. I love giving back the knowledge that I have received along the way to make clients feel beautiful and healthy again with a talent I can share!

Bianca Pitonzo, Esthetician

My name is Bianca Pitonzo and I am a licensed esthetician. I have always had a passion for esthetics and beauty, and it has led me to the world of skin care. I have personally had a long-term skin care journey of my own, and after this, I particularly wanted to excel in the field of advanced esthetics. I am now focused on using the cleanest skin care products available to cater to each individual’s skin care needs. Your skin’s vitality is my main concern and as an esthetician it is my responsibility to guide you to a skin care routine both at home and in the treatment room. With my expertise in skin, as well as the knowledge provided at Genesis, we can help achieve total body wellness that will help bring balance in order to maintain your beautiful skin. My main goal is to help both you and your skin to feel and look beautiful both on the inside and outside.