·Beauty & Personal Care

·Beauty & Personal Care

Christopher's Rash Formula 2oz

Rash Formula Ointment from Christopher's Original Formulas Rash Formula Ointment contains only natural ingredients providing... ..


Christopher's Itch Ointment 2oz

Itch Ointment from Christopher's Original Formulas This ointment has been used historically for most skin... ..


Christopher's Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder Powder 2oz

A synergistic blend of whole herbs for teeth.With all the wear & tear our teeth... ..


Christopher's Black Ointment 2oz

Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas Black Ointment - 2 oz ..


Banyan Healthy Hair tablets - 90t

In Ayurvedic terms, elevated pitta dosha means too much heat in our bodies. Because heat... ..


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Banyan Daily Swish (Mint) - 8oz

Banyan Daily Swish (Mint) - 8oz

Holding oil in the mouth and gently “swishing” or “pulling” it back and forth through... ..


Banyan Throat Soother herbal spray - 1oz

The sensitive tissues of the throat often provide one of the first signs that the... ..


Banyan Healthy Hair Oil - 4oz

Applying herbalized oils to the head and massaging into the scalp is a traditional Ayurvedic... ..


Banyan Neem Oil - 4oz

Neem Oil is the most cooling of all Ayurvedic oils and brings the powerful pitta... ..


Banyan Castor Oil - 4oz

Nothing else quite compares to the unique qualities of organic castor oil. Rich and viscous,... ..


Banyan Neem & Aloe Soap

Neem & Aloe soap combines one of Ayurveda’s most cooling herbs with the soothing qualities... ..


Banyan Lavender Soap

The fresh fragrance of lavender flowers has a deeply calming effect on the mind and... ..